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The Escherichia coli ("E.coli") bacteria can be dangerous and make you sick. E.coli is found nearly everywhere, and it can live for a very long time on a great many surfaces. This E.coli NowCast examines the conditions that promote and sustain E.coli O157 viability. Scroll down to use Ascel Bio's tool and find today's free forecast of the risk of E.coli viability that is in your area. It is important to note that we live in a global interconnected world, and the food you eat may have been brought into your area from somewhere else. This forecast does NOT track that risk. When in doubt, protect yourself with good Food Safety. If you are interested in integrating Ascel Bio's E.coli risk forecasting capability with your food services temperature monitoring equipment, contact Ascel Bio at:

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Professional Version

Ascel Bio's global epidemiological data library, automated alerts, and forecast products are delivered to professional subscribers through a corporate user site and an API. The data is easily integrated, benefiting strategy, operations, and marketing. If your organization is interested in receiving access to Ascel Bio's professional version or is seeking historic data on E.coli or other foodborne pathogen viability or risk, please contact us at:

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