Singapore Experiencing Fresh Zika Cases

In Singapore, while only 1 Zika case was reported in the last week, 33 cases have been reported in 2017, most of them in the past month. Singapore is the only country in SE or East Asia with a current travel advisory issued by the CDC. It is unlikely that Zika transmission is contained to Singapore; rather, cases in the region are likely being misdiagnosed as dengue fever, or going undiagnosed.

Peak mosquito-borne season occurs in the summer and fall months in Singapore and the surrounding region. Annual peaks occur every year for dengue, but the size and severity of the outbreaks vary. As with dengue, it is good practice to empty mosquito breeding spots around the home and workplace and wear mosquito repellent and long-sleeve clothing when possible.

The continuation of Zika reports into May indicates that a Zika outbreak is likely to continue through peak season in Singapore. Surrounding countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand may experience transmission in the weeks and months ahead.


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