Zika and Dengue in Singapore

This is a non-routine dengue transmission year for Singapore, with unusual peaking transmission in the first quarter of 2016.September is traditionally the end of peak dengue transmission in Singapore. Case counts are lower than expected in the second half of the year, but within forecast range. Slightly increasing transmission reported in the last few weeks indicate a second peak in the month ahead.

In addition to the dengue season, 333 cases of locally-transmitted Zika infection have been reported in Singapore in the past week. Locally transmitted cases have also been reported in Malaysia and Thailand, and are likely under reported. Ascel Bio had noted in early 2016 that Southeast Asia would be at high risk of Zika transmission in the early fall.


Personal protection with mosquito repellent is strongly encouraged. Following government guidelines to overturn standing water and wear long-sleeve clothing may help reduce the risk of transmission. The Zika outbreak in Singapore is likely to get worse before it gets better.


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