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People and Pets

Repel100 Insect Repellant 4oz Spray

This spray contains mostly DEET to ward off mosquitos and ticks. DEET is a serious chemical, and needs to be handled with care and kept out of the hands of children.

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Ifunda Plug-in Mosquito & Pest Repeller

This device uses sound to repel pests. It covers about 2,500 feet of space. It is pet friendly for dogs and cats.

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After Bite Advanced Itch Relief Roller

We love after-bite when we get bitten by mosquitos. We buy a few sticks and put them into the camp bags for the kids, just in case.

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Way2Cool Plug In Bug Zapper

This is the Yin to the Yin and Yang of bug elimination. It is basically a device that ATTRACTS bugs as a way to kill them. So…. we think of this as best used inside for a limited amount of time when we want to clear a room. Use it too much, and it attracts more bugs! It is great for tropical hotel rooms, or to deal with bugs that can’t be found at 2am in the morning. Not great in front of an open door, where it might cause a stampede of bugs from outside.

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Kapas Mosquito Killer

The thing to know about many mosquitos is that they can live a long time indoors, under dining tables and in shower drains. So, if you think you have a few stuck inside, you’ll need to clear the room. This is an old-school bug zapper, ATTRACTING bugs using a blue UV light and then zapping them. With any device that attracts bugs, you have to think through where and when use it. The point isn’t to make a problem worse, by placing it somewhere that is completely open to nature, lighting a big neon sign that says “Come Hither”. Best to use this when the doors are shut and you know more bugs aren’t coming in.

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Cats & Dogs Wondercide Flea & Tick & Mosquito Control Spray

A naturally derived spray that kills bugs with the Green America seal.

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Vectra Flea Doses for Small Cats & Kittens

This product kills fleas on young and smaller cats. Gandhi may come to their rescue, but fleas are annoying and carry typhus.

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Vectra Flea Doses for Big Cats

We don’t like fleas, because: Typhus and Tularemia. But you might dislike fleas for other reasons, like cat comfort and happiness. We’re saying the same thing.

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Vectra 3D

The Vectra 3D line repels and kills fleas, ticks, mosquitos and other awful little tiny things with icky legs and wings that buzz around annoyingly. In addition to the smallish dog size pictured, Vectra 3D is sold for dogs that are even smaller, or 21-55 lbs, 56-95 lbs, or over 95 lbs.

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Home and Garden

Screenmend Window Screen Repair Kit

Broken window screens mean disease-carrying bugs can get into your home. This inexpensive solution can help mosquito-proof your home and protect your family from nasty illnesses.

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by.RHO Screen Repair Tape

Great mosquito-proofing product. This fiberglass cloth mesh tape can be used to patch holes where mosquitoes are entering the home.

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M-D Building Products Door Bottom

Protecting your home from mosquitos? Don’t overlook the need to fill the space at the bottom of your door.

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Terminix Bait & Kill Natural

This is a plant and shrub spray to kill mosquitos and prevent breeding, provided by a popular brand.

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CedarCide Yardsafe Outdoor Pest Control

A spray bottle for the yard that may be applied monthly to kill and repel mosquitos and ticks.

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CedarCide PCO Choice Organic Pest Control

This DEET-free concentrated spray has a hose attachment, and can treat a large yard area for mosquito-free fun outdoors.

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CedarCide Red Cedar Mulch

Red cedar mulch is safe for children and bees, but acts as a natural mosquito repellent.

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Outsidepride Feverfew Seeds

Feverfew is another plant that repels mosquitos naturally. And they have pretty flowers! It is a perennial, meaning it grows back year after year for annual mosquito protection.

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Carolina Seeds White Japanese Lilac Seeds

These extremely fragrant flowers repel mosquitoes naturally.

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