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Grayl Water Filter Bottle

This is a self-contained filtration system in a water bottle. Just carry it and the filter inside does the rest to protect you from waterborne diseases that can cause awful illnesses. If you are concerned about city water from the tap or country water from the stream, if you worry about water quality in old pipes at school or the office, this is a good solution. What is nice is that it filters out lead and other heavy metals as well as diseases.

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MSR MiniWorks Microfilter EX Water Filter

This is the go-to bacteria filtering water pump for Pathfinders. The effective and resilient pump screws directly on to Nalgene water bottles and larger MSR Water Reservoirs.

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Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System

This mini 1 micron filtration system is your best tool when out backpacking. Weighing only 2 ounces, it is highly portable and easy to use. It can filter up to 100,000 gallons and removes 99.9999% of all bacteria and protozoa such as cryptosporidium. There’s a little elbow grease involved as you need to use the squeeze pouch to push the water through the filter but at its current price of $19.97 it might be worth the extra work!

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Test Assured Water Quality Test

This is a SINGLE POINT test kit, testing for 10 different possible contaminants to your drinking water, including diseases and lead. Instead of fearing the tap, why not test it on a regular basis and if AOK just drink it worry free? This might be a good idea once per year for your kid’s school, and might not be a bad thing to do at home in the spring after heavy rains might push contaminants into the water supply. If you are near a farm and are worried about pesticides and diseases, it may be useful to also test in the summers.

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Carolina Bio Supply Bacteria Test Strips

This is a home test for E.coli, Salmonella, Shigella and other bacteria. The results are available in 15 minutes. Maybe too expensive for daily use, but not a bad idea for testing the potato or chicken salad before a veterans’ fundraiser picnic or outdoor wedding.

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AquaVial Pool & Spa Bacteria Test

This is a water quality test kit that tests for E.Coli and other coliform bacteria specifically in your pool or spa. Use it to test your water supply to prevent these diseases at home.

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