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Ascel Bio licenses a selection of forecast data and enhanced warning reports for use in improving corporate health and reducing the risks of pandemics.  Our focus on disease risk means our coverage is far better on biological risk analysis than other generalist threat alert services.  Customers have full support for technology integration with threat dashboards and displays.

Typical data licenses include:

  • Ascel’s full range of existing global outbreak forecasts. Coverage includes many countries that do not consistently report outbreak data. Ascel is consistently ahead of the news.
  • Fortnightly reports containing measurements of the impact of concerning outbreaks. Coverage measures impact on critical infrastructure and societies and includes consideration of indications of border closings and other factors important to corporate customers.
  • In-depth reports that combine forecasts and impact assessments with analysis of events and issues important to professional readers responsible for protecting corporate health and addressing biological risks.
  • Access to analyst support and emergency reporting services.
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