Did you know a television weathercaster (the late Harry Volkman, then of WKY TV in Oklahoma City) invented the tornado warning? Or that private-sector meteorologists invented:

  • Color RADAR;
  • Radar remoting (the ability to watch the live radar of a hurricane hitting Florida from a Midwest TV studio);
  • Time-lapse radar and cloud images; or,
  • GPS geo-fenced storm warning apps?

Just as private-sector meteorologists developed most every aspect of today’s weathercasting, Ascel Bio has developed the validated science of disease forecasting.  No similar governmental forecasting exists, which creates unique opportunities for television weathercasters.

Ascel Bio’s team includes experienced television weathercasters, able to speak your language.  In the era of the “station scientist,” we understand the importance of conversing in fields outside of, but related to, meteorology.  The validated science of disease forecasting is an ideal complement to any television weathercast, since many elements of Ascel Bio’s approach to disease forecasting is connected to weather science.

If you become a client of Ascel Bio, we will thoroughly train you on disease-forecasting techniques and provide you the necessary graphics for setting your weathercast apart, making you the leader in your market.

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